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3/30/2019 Making the Android App [Mechanical design support]

I'm recently making Android application. The name is just "Mechanical design support App". It will basically calculate material stress. Of course including fatigue stress.

I wondered if I should use "Android Studio" or "Xamarin" for this App. I decided first to "Xamarin". But I didin't understand how to use "Xamarin" after all. So I finally decided to "Android Studio". It took me a month. It's so long time. So the concept is finisshed but not programmed. I still have a ways to go.

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9/12/2018 Lenny Bernstein 100st birthday year

August 25th was just Lenny Bernstein 100st birthday. I listened to Symphony No.2 [The Age of Anxiety] of Bernstein at BBC proms website. Conductor is Marin Alsop,pianist is Jean-Yves Thibaudet and Orchestra is Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. I listen to this symphony for the first time. Before listening to this symphony, i thought this symphony was esoteric understanding. Because Bernstein was 20st century composer and symphony name [the Age of Anxiety] that is creating esoteric. Especially "Anxiety" lets me come to mind "This symphony is esoteric understanding". So i was expecting and getting nervous.

Impressions listened [The Age of Anxiety],it was esoteric as i thought. Of course i think it's not easy to understand Bernstein's music. But i think that this symphony have various aspects. But it's difficult. But that is very interesting. Especially in 3rd movement piano solo i felt heading for a bright future. I understand i can't fully understand this symphony. It's the Very Deep Symphony!

I have understand that Conducter Marin Alsop is great. After all her conducting is amazing! and Baltimore SO is height lebel! Jean-Yves Thibaudet is geart too!

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